Malaga Carnival 2013

I was watching when Malaga Carnival 2013 was officialy opened on Saturdady 2nd of February in the historical center. The theme of this year’s outfits was Picasso. There were 6 candidates for a carnival king (dios) and 4 candidates for a queen (diosa). Along the Larios walking street funny choirs (murgas) were singing. Continue reading

My January 2013 in Malaga, Spain

Málaga, Andalucia, España

I arrived in Malaga on 5th of January 2013. Our hostel Residencia Malaga Backpackers was located 3 km from the Malaga city centre to the East, in the street Jeronimo Bobadilla. I had a single room with a common bathroom. I felt cold the first two night before receiving a radiator.

The next day I took a bus (1,30 e) and walked through the historical centre of Malaga. While I was drinking my caña (medium bear) at Plaza del Osbipo, three pidgeons tried to eat my pop corn. The caña cost 2,50 euros, and the tapa was included in price. Tapas are medium appetizers or snacks. Continue reading

I’m going to learn Spanish for the next 6 months

Panorámica de Málaga

I’m going to learn Spanish for the next 6 months. At first I will study 4 months (27.8-21.12.2012) in Hartola, Finland, and then 2 months (7.1-2.3.2013) in Malaga, Spain. There are 25 hours of lessons per week.

After completing the Spanish course in March 2013 I will probably travel to Dominican Republic for two months. Later, possibly in autumn 2013, I’m going to travel through all Central American countries.

Sunset in the Port of Málaga

Tampere Floral Festival 2012, Finland

Tampere Floral Festival 2012

Last Saturday I went to see the opening of the 29th Tampere Floral Festival at the Central Square of Tampere and took 27 photos: Tampere Floral Festival 2012.

After 2,5 months of waiting I received my video camera Panasonic HDC-SD90 from a repair center, so I went and shoot a little video during the Russian theme day of the Flower Festival on Tuesday 31.7.2012. In YouTube page you can watch the video bigger and with HD quality (720p, 1080p).