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Matkablogin kuvaus: Welcome to DINKgo - Travel Stories Worth Sharing! DINK stands for Double Income, No Kids as we are an adult couple enjoying travel and finer things in life on the road together. Big cities & small towns, hilarious roadtrips, exiting casinos, sunny cruiselife. Laidback luxury with a twist.

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  • 5 Things to do in Miami
    by dinkgo on 26.2.2020

    Miami is filled with things to do so these 5 things to do in Miami are just a bite. For us, Miami has often been a place to stay for a couple of nights on our way to some direction and thus we have […]

  • City Break Moscow
    by dinkgo on 28.10.2019

    As we woke up the first morning of our late September city break Moscow and opened the curtains at our Penta Hotel room’s window we saw a quiet, empty street below. The golden-onion domed Savior […]

  • Why Seoul should be your next travel destination
    by dinkgo on 9.9.2019

    We enjoyed a week of in the many-faced capital of South Korea. Here we give you several reasons why Seoul should be your next travel destination.  Go now, as Seoul is already hot, but still cool! […]

  • Venice, La Serenissima
    by dinkgo on 29.7.2019

    Venice, La Serenissima is unlike any other city in the world. A unique maritime power in the medieval and early modern world, this gateway to the Orient situated in the heart of a lagoon, in the […]

  • Couples Travel: How to make things work on the road
    by dinkgo on 22.5.2019

    Travel together with your significant other can be the best thing in life. Experiencing all the amazing things together becomes your shared relationship capital. How to make your couples […]

  • Cruise To Havana from Miami: What to expect at arrival
    by dinkgo on 19.4.2019

    One Sunday evening at the kitchen table we were juggling ideas for the winter vacation. After making notes of various options and itineraries, we ended up booking a MSC Armonia cruise to Havana from […]

  • 10 Travel Dreams
    by dinkgo on 15.3.2019

    We are constantly dreaming of places. In the Finnish blogosphere there has been a popular challenge to write about 10 travel dreams. The challenge was started by the popular Finnish travel blog […]

  • 5 Things Madeira
    by dinkgo on 2.3.2019

    One of the ports of our Norwigian Spirit cruise in December 2018 was Funchal, Madeira. Madeira is located only about 800 kilometres from African continent, whereas the capital of Portugal is 1200 km […]

  • Announcement: DINKgo 2 Years Today
    by dinkgo on 24.2.2019

    We started DINKgo - Travel Stories Worth Sharing in 2017 to document our travels and to provide inspiration for others. … More Announcement: DINKgo 2 Years Today The post Announcement: DINKgo 2 […]

  • Travel and Passports
    by dinkgo on 3.2.2019

    A passport can open doors to most parts of the world very easily or with a little effort. Or it can be the barrier between you and the world. … More Travel and Passports The post Travel and […]