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Matkablogin kuvaus: A travel blog about the nurse and the enginerd and making their big dream come true.Travel tips, hacks and stories with unique(ish) photos. Bring your passport!

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  • Day 84: Bye Bye Bangkok, Hello Home!
    by RoadToSelf on 29.11.2018

    ♥♥♥♥♥ It’s been nearly three months since we left Finland at the beginning of September. We’ve been travelling by air, rivers and land, slept in luxury condominiums, cheap hotels, on […]

  • Day 78: Three Finns in Cambodia
    by RoadToSelf on 22.11.2018

      As I and the enginerd’s 3-month trip is getting closer to its end (NOOOOO!!), we are delighted to tell that an old friend has joined us for the remaining time on the road 🙂 She is my […]

  • Day 66: Mountainholics on Alishan
    by RoadToSelf on 10.11.2018

    As the enginerd and I are currently hanging out in Taiwan again, it was finally time to go visit Alishan (阿里山). Not only is it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Taiwan, but it also […]

  • Day 58: Leaving Laos
    by RoadToSelf on 2.11.2018

    Whoa, we’ve been on the road for two months now! Tan skin, empty bank accounts, and a smile on our faces, we’re about to start the final month of our journey, exploring Taiwan, Cambodia and […]

  • Day 44: 9 Reasons To Love Thailand (And One Visit to Hospital)
    by RoadToSelf on 20.10.2018

    Food. We created a term to describe how it feels like to go to the bathroom the next after eating Thai food: Dragon Breath Poop. Infamously, Thai food burns twice, and it is not far from the truth. […]

  • Reachinghot
    by RoadToSelf on 17.10.2018

    Road To Self: For some time now, this blog has been on a quest to find interesting, unique and special travel blogs from other Finns. Looking for answers to questions such as what makes them pack […]

  • Day 37: Train Z322 To Lhasa (Feat. Pandas)
    by RoadToSelf on 12.10.2018

    After laptop hunting in Shenzhen (horrible!), visiting Shanghai Disneyland and walking the longest glass suspension bridge in the world, travelling across China and climbing on one of the most […]

  • Day 19: Shanghai Disneyland and The World’s Longest Glass Bridge
    by RoadToSelf on 23.9.2018

    On the bus from Hong Kong to mainland China: “Can you see Disneyland Hong Kong from the window?” “I can’t. But should we go there?” “We don’t have the money” “Well, what if we […]

  • Day 13: Notebook Hunting, a Couple of Cities and One Mountain
    by RoadToSelf on 17.9.2018

    As it happens, almost two weeks ago I and my beloved enginerd once again hit the road to have a 3 months-long adventure in Asia. Having once travelled around the world, and lived in Taiwan for quite […]

  • 3 Months of Adventure: T-minus 1 day – Itinerary
    by RoadToSelf on 4.9.2018

    As we’re leaving tomorrow, we’re proud to finally say that we’ve actually booked some flights and hotel rooms, as well as bought some train tickets 🙂 View this post on Instagram How are we […]