Baños, Ecuador 10-11.12.2011

Banos Ecuador

The town name Baños de Agua Santa means Baths of Holy Water. I wanted to bath in the hot springs and see the volcano Tungurahua.

Thermal bath Las Piscinas de la Virgen

Las Piscinas de la Virgen, Banos

I went bathing in the oldest and most famous spa in Banos, the Virgen. I visited all the three pools, the hottest one twice. It was very relaxing and the view to the Virgen waterfall was world class.

Las Piscinas de la Virgen, Banos

The entrance fee to the Virgen spa was very low and it was the same for locals and forigners, 2 USD (1,50 e).

Tungarahua volcano

I went hiking two hours in the mountains in order to see and film Tungarahua volcano some kilometers from Banos.

Sugar cane Banos Ecuador

After coming down from the mountains I drank sugar cane juice for the first time. I didn’t like it much, but I have tried some other good tasting excotic juices, for example maracuya.


I bought my only souvenir in this trip in Banos – a jumper made from alpaca wool. I paid 18 USD (13,50 e) for the coat.

Hair cut

I had a hair cut in Banos, it cost 3USD (2,25 e).

parturi Ecuador, Esa Isopahkala

I took this photo after my hair cut in the spa.


I visited a disko in Banos. I visit diskos frequently, about one time in every ten years.

Hostal Transilvania

I spent two nights in Hostal Transilvanian (16 De Diciembre y Oriente), private room 13 USD/night. Breakfast was incluced, you can choose from the three good ones.

Banos sunset

Banos photos (14 kpl)


In my Banos travel video there are fried cuys, Virgen church/waterfall/spa, Tungurahua volcano and sugarcane juice.

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