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  • A Museum Tour in Historic Old Rauma
    by Jerry on 16.2.2020

    Rauma is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Helsinki – in large part due to the amazingly well preserved old town, Wanha Rauma – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This maze of narrow […]

  • A Wedding in Iceland
    by Jerry on 14.2.2020

    There’s an old Icelandic proverb about weddings – something like “the stormier the wedding day is, the more stable the marriage will be”. If there’s any truth behind this claim, my dear […]

  • Fresh Fruit in Japan: The Ultimate Delicacy
    by Jerry on 12.2.2020

    Fresh fruit is considered the ultimate luxury item in Japan, and it is usually enjoyed only on special occasions. It is also a common gift, even for important events such as weddings. This may sound […]

  • Yachting in Guadeloupe
    by Jerry on 9.2.2020

    I can think of several amazing things about islands, but their best feature is immediately clear – the ocean is always near. And that means you can hop on a boat whenever you feel like it and […]

  • Tapgol Park: A Witness to Centuries of Korean History in Central Seoul
    by Jerry on 6.2.2020

    Tapgol Park has seen it all, from the death and birth of kings to revolutions and natural disasters, and luckily also plenty of peacefully sunny afternoons. The centrally located park was actually […]

  • The Best Views of NYC – from New Jersey’s Hamilton Park
    by Jerry on 4.2.2020

    New Yorkers can easily spend hours debating anything, but with the subject of the best views of Manhattan’s skyline that hour quickly becomes three. Most people have their own favorite spot and […]

  • Chamarel Falls
    by Jerry on 31.1.2020

    Mauritius is home to several beautiful waterfalls, but Chamarel is definitely the most impressive of the lot. At 272ft / 83m, this watery showcase of natural beauty is as tall as a skyscraper. There […]

  • Yurakucho – A World of Fun Under the Railway Tracks in Tokyo
    by Jerry on 28.1.2020

    Yurakucho is a popular spot among locals looking for some tasty late night grub. The narrow alleys – which are partially under the railway tracks at Tokyō Station – are home to dozens of small […]

  • Deira: Another Side of Dubai
    by Jerry on 22.1.2020

    The mere mention of Dubai brings to mind images  of futuristic skyscrapers, underwater restaurants, ultra-luxurious hotels, with everything gilded and glittery. But at the northern edge of the […]

  • Hiking in Ka’ena Point State Park
    by Jerry on 21.1.2020

    Ka’ena Point is the westernmost tip of land on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It is lined by beautiful green mountains on one side and the beautifully glistening Pacific Ocean on the other. Hiking […]